“Between stimulus and response there is a space…”
Viktor E. Frankl

I am fascinated by tumbleweed, its amazing structure and the forlorn way it moves through deserted places. In and of itself, tumbleweed is just a shape defined by its function and state, yet it is rife with associations of emptiness and loss, whilst actually hiding a fecund potential harvest of grasses and seeds, as well as the accumulated traces and leavings of humanities footprint. Tumbleweed, rich with contradictions and surprises. 

For me the idea of  ‘Tumbleweed’ has a philosophic flavor, reminiscent of  ‘Lichtung’ which means something like  ‘clearing in the woods’, a term used to refer to making a mental clearing in which a thing or idea can show itself. The Tumbleweed drawings were based on the idea of creating a reflective space to allow an idea, dream, person or thing to  appear, in the way that tumbleweeds come drift into an environment to deposit seeds and reinvigorate a dormant landscape. 

These are mostly drawings on A4 paper.

(h)edge on site performance and installation 2014

Video clip of performance available at: https://vimeo.com/106094332