Work in the public realm has been a consistent theme, including most recently a commission made with Michelle Rheeston, for the ‘Play me I’m yours” international publicly sited piano project; ‘Thank you’ stickers as part of the ‘Under the Pavement’ research project and Bird Relief and the Art Manifesto miniature terrariums, both work for Airspace ¬†Yarden opening party.

Modified Piano, Hanley Cricket Ground. featuring a cricket game, picnickers, vegetation and a cricket game
'Thank you' stickers made with water soluble stickers and non-residue gum applied wherever there was a public instruction or demand
Bird relief for Yarden fest, a workshop with a handout with instructions for making a red beak, paper birds in the form of lino cuts to destroy as a symbolic representation of the decline of bird species and a twitter campaign featuring a daily roll call of threatened birds