The Millennium Angels was a 10 year project  consisting of a multiple of small figures  gathered together to express  their horror at the condition of humanity at the beginning of the third millennia.


In a disrespectful appreciation of  angel mythology, these are a choir or chorus of figures inspired by the stances and gestures of women I’ve met.  Variously accusatory, angry,  sarcastic, amused, sad or irritated, some wave lists and one is pregnant;  all calling on the power brokers to answer for the   poor management of the world. Usually exhibited at ground  level they stare up at  viewers,  asking them to account for the state of things.

Made with clay, they bear the makers mark in a reference to the Golem and to contrast them with  the perfect female  often found in ornamental forms of womanhood.

Featured in exhibitions and performances in Holland and the UK, the angels once appeared in a de-baptism ritual I conducted in a church; during exhibition their wings  often fall off and now, due to sales, theft, gifting, accidental damage, flaws in the making and embarrassment, the congress is highly diminished and currently in hiding.