(h)edge kelektiv object handling boxes fabricated for Nottingham Museum handling collection.

Featured here, the domestic collection box made to look like a chest of drawers with fabric replicas of newspaper lining the bottom,  postcards reproduced on the top and an odds and ends drawer insert with each item recreated.

(h)edge kelektiv’s Bureau of Brewery, appearing as part of Stokes Conjunction 2014. 

A homage to pottery heritage of Stoke, the Bureau involved a range of found china debris from the Pubs courtyard, presented for curating and labelling by pub regulars participating as  citizen curators. 

Installation in Charles Darwins Medicinal Garden, Litchfield 2015.

A (h)edge kelektiv response to the relationship between the neighbouring Litchfield Cathedral and garden, considering the idea of spiritual healing by decorating the garden with versions of some of the religious motifs in the Cathedral masonry and examples of the visual language historically found in christian culture. The installation replicated  this symbolic language of Christianity by using images from the  stonework  imprinted on banners of  white cotton cloth and text with and embroidery threads embedded  in wax.

Other examples of museum practice participant drawing workshops taking objects from collections into community environments, drawing collections in museum environments, producing support literature for handling boxes and designing and producing booklets to accompany collections