‘Mind the Gap!’

Katrinka is a multi-disciplinary  visual artist who works with dry and wet media, mixed media and making. Her work is featured in exhibitions, published works, commissions and  the public realm and includes wall art, digital projects, fabricating objects and installation.

With a career that  includes working in museums and research in the field of drawing and creativity, Katrinka is interested in the arts as a means of expressing our life experiences in ways others can identify with.

Through her work she hopes to  celebrate  some of those things that are hard to find in our fast moving world and has made pieces concerned with appreciating the unappreciated, subverting dangerous visions, decorating forgotten corners and finding ways to make people look twice. 

She is  interested in ephemera,  the barely there, temporally challenged, discarded and momentary and in finding  wonder.

What you see....