“It is the function of art to carry us beyond speech to experience.”  Joseph Campbell (1904 – 1987)

Katrinka is a multi disciplinary  visual artist who works with drawing, paint, assemblage and text, her work is has featured in exhibition, published work, commissions and  the public realm and includes wall art, digital projects, fabricating objects and installation.

With a career that  includes working in museums, physical theatre, research in the field of drawing and creativity, and graphic recording, Katrinka has consistently been interested in the arts as a means of expressing our life experiences in ways we can all identify with.

Through her work she hopes to  celebrate and mourn some of the things, feelings and rituals lost in our industrialised and commerce driven world, and has made pieces concerned with bereavement, appreciating the un-appreciated, threatened wildlife,  subverting dangerous visions; using drawing for translation and interpretation, decorating forgotten corners and finding ways to make people look twice.

She is increasingly interested in the idea of the unseen to include things ignored, discarded, and taboo; in finding the pathos and beauty in small beings, buried structures and hidden feelings.

What you see....