Katrinka Wilson

 ‘It is the function of art to carry us beyond speech to experience.  Joseph Campbell’ (1904 – 1987)

‘Contemplating a puddle ‘

From ‘Dis-placement Lab’ Installation by K. Wilson and M . Rheeston

Katrinka has been producing commissions and contributing to exhibitions and opens since 2005. her work has been published and exhibited both in the UK and internationally.

Working as a free lance  artist  Katrinka  is particularly interested in drawing as a medium  and has taught widely in this subject as well as having several papers published about her approach to drawing and research into what it reveals about cognition, memory and the way we map, represent and interpret the world around us. This has turned to a focus on how drawing can help process complex and bewildering stimulus and  ameliorate the effects of trauma. 

Many of her recent pieces concern the natural world, particularly the traces and debris around us that are often missed; she sees this as representing pieces of missing histories and this theme has extended into looking at roots as a motif for our  hidden stories.